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  • Newbies and Wannabees

    Newbies and Wannabees

    The trouble with most of the info ‘out there’ is that it is aimed at those with a mere passing interest in birds, or, worse still for newbies, the very experienced birder. Those of you who are developing an interest, love birds and wild places …...Read More
  • Summer Birding Alternatives

    Summer Birding Alternatives

    Every birder knows that the peak birding seasons are Spring and Autumn, but many of us will find goodies in winter too. Migration will, in many places, see birds passing through on their way to breeding grounds in other places, or streaming back to their …...Read More
  • The Best Birding Destinations in Namibia

    The Best Birding Destinations in Namibia

    Namibia’s Top Ten Hot Spots for Birds ~ By Guest Blogger Chris Lotz of Birding Ecotours ~  Namibia is a varied country, from the coastal Namib Desert to the riverine forests of some huge rivers, the Okavango and the Zambezi. Thanks to these diverse habitats, …...Read More
  • Best Bird Watching Destinations for Seabirds UK

    Best Bird Watching Destinations for Seabirds UK

    What are the Best Ten Bird Watching Destinations for Seabirds in the United Kingdom? The United Kingdom is blessed, it has some of the best seabird watching destinations anywhere in the world.  Here are ten of the best places to go bird watching for seabirds …...Read More
  • Where Can You See Hummingbirds?

    Where Can You See Hummingbirds?

    There are many countries in the world where you can view hummingbirds, but all are in the Americas where every country has between one and one hundred and thirty-two species. Below the countries are listed in order of the most species to the least. Colombia …...Read More

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