Best Birdwatching Apps

If you’re looking for the best bird watching apps to help you identify birds, here are some options you might find useful:

eBird: This app (and website) was also created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and is a great tool for birders to keep track of their sightings and contribute to citizen science. It also has a feature that allows you to explore bird sightings in your area. This is a popular app in North America but increasingly adopted by bird watchers worldwide. It offers real-time information on bird sightings, location maps, and allows users to log their own sightings. It covers all continents, and its database includes over 1 billion bird observations.

Collins Bird Guide: This app is based on the popular Collins Bird Guide book and features photos and detailed information on over 700 bird species found in Europe. It also includes range maps, songs and calls, and a quiz feature to help you test your bird identification skills. Certainly the best fieldguide for European species.

The Sibley eGuide to Birds: This app features detailed illustrations by David Sibley, one of the world’s top bird illustrators. It covers North America and Europe.

Birds of Southern Africa: This app is focused on bird species found in southern Africa. It covers over 950 species and includes photos, calls, and distribution maps.

iNaturalist: While not specifically designed for bird identification, this app and website allows users to upload photos of any species and receive identification help from a community of naturalists and scientists.

Merlin Bird ID: This app, created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, is designed to help you identify birds based on their appearance, location, and behaviour. It covers over 5,500 species of birds from around the world. It’s a great tool for bird identification. It offers a species ID wizard that helps users identify birds they’ve seen based on their location, size and colour. It covers North and South America, Europe, and parts of Asia, Africa, and Australia.

iBird Pro: This app covers over 900 species of birds from around the world, with detailed illustrations, photos, and descriptions to help with identification. It also includes bird calls and songs. It provides detailed information about bird species, including photos, maps, and descriptions. It covers North America, and most of Europe, and Australia.

BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide: This app is designed to help birders find and identify birds in their local area. It includes range maps, photos, and information on habitat and behaviour. The focus is North America but it also covers some birds from around the world including Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Audubon Bird Guide: This app includes information on over 800 species of North American birds, with photos, descriptions, and range maps. It also includes bird calls and songs to help with identification.

BirdNET: This app uses machine learning to identify bird sounds, making it a great tool for birders who are interested in birding by ear. It currently covers over 1,000 species from around the world. This is an AI-powered app that can identify bird species by analysing recordings of their songs and calls.

Australian Birds: This app provides information on over 900 bird species found in Australia. It includes photos, sounds, and maps.

Birding China: This app is designed specifically for bird watchers in China. It covers over 1,300 bird species found in the country and provides photos, descriptions, and distribution maps.

Birding Africa: This app is specifically designed for birding in Africa and includes information on over 2,300 bird species found on the continent. It features photos, sounds, and range maps for each species, as well as a bird list manager and a sighting log.

Birding Field Guide: This app covers over 800 bird species found in Europe and includes photos, songs and calls, and detailed information on bird behaviour, habitat, and distribution. It also includes a search function and a bird checklist feature.

Peterson Birds of Europe: This app is based on the Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Europe and features photos, sounds, and detailed information on over 700 bird species found in the region. It also includes range maps and a search function to help you find the birds you’re looking for.

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